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Oruga is a Production Company established in Buenos Aires in 1998 and undoubtedly one of the top ten in Argentina today, having won many national and international Awards, like Cannes (Golden Lion), Clio, New York Festival and London International Awards.

We work with all kind of clients and brands, from Coca Cola, Unilever, Nike, Ford, Chevrolet, Visa, Kraft or Verizon, just to name a few; to UNICEF or ACNUR.

We have shot in many places in the Americas and Europe, so we understand what it means to go somewhere else to shoot, and we have sister companies in Uruguay, Brazil and Mexico that allow us to produce in almost all over Latin America as locals.

We enjoy being Oruga, we enjoy working in a place where Directors and Producers work together as a team. We believe that hard, professional work can be enjoyed, and so we consider Oruga not only a Production Company, but also a “Cultural Meeting point”, where we get together with local chefs, film directors such as Francis Ford Coppola, local artists and musicians, and even created a rock band of our own; a band that is currently recording its third record.

Although our main expertise is in the Advertising field, we have also produced TV shows and our directors and producers have directed, produced and designed commercials for all over the world, many feature films, reality shows, documentaries and music videos.

We like to think that we respond quickly and efficiently to all the questions and needs, and that we can not only make a quote, but also help to think and plan your job both creatively and productively. Now let us prove it to you.


Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola, Nike, Ford, Chevrolet, UNICEF, ACNUR, Pirelli, Johnson & Johnson, Quilmes, Bayer, Pepsico, JC Penny, Kraft, VISA, Western Union, JWT, Ogilvy, DDB, Young & Rubicam, McCann Erickson, La Comunidad, Leo Burnett, Madre, Kepel y Mata, Tapsa, Lowe, BBH, Grupo Gallegos, Dieste Harmel & Partners.


Cannes Grand Prix, Clio, El Sol, El Lápiz, New York Festival, FIAP, Golden Award of Montreaux, Ojo de Iberoamérica, Círculo de Oro de México, London International Awards, Sao Paulo International Festival, El Martín Fierro.

Nuestra casa

Located in a strategic point in the city of Buenos Aires, we offer very comfortable production facilities at a very unique and friendly place.



Ioni Borisonik - Executive Producer
Ioni Borisonik Executive Producer ioniboris@orugacine.com
Ariel Fainholc - Coordinator / Producer
Ariel Fainholc Coordinator / Producer ariel@orugacine.com
Busk - Coordinator / Producer
Busk Coordinator / Producer busk@orugacine.com



Cris Welcomme - Photographer
Cris Welcomme Photographer SEE PORTFOLIO
Martín Levi - Photographer
Martín Levi Photographer SEE PORTFOLIO
Wallace - Photographer
Wallace Photographer SEE PORTFOLIO
Flor Petra - Photographer
Flor Petra Photographer SEE PORTFOLIO
Ariel Prieto - Photographer
Ariel Prieto Photographer SEE PORTFOLIO
Tatu García - Photographer
Tatu García Photographer SEE PORTFOLIO


Jonathan Mesz
Jonsi Mesz Producer jonsi@orugafoto.com



Oruga Internacional

Steve Akerman - Executive Producer
Steve Akerman Executive Producer steve@ojopichon.com




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